My life experiences and general information carnivoredome have provided me with a wide range of interests and knowledge. Let's face it, I write about a lot of different stuff.

Over the years of my career I have worked in buying and retail management, advertising traffic and account management, event management, media marketing management, community development and non-profit management. So, I write about business.

I have worked with companies small and large. My passion for experiential learning led me to collaborate with household names like Nissan, Bridgestone, General Mills, and State Farm on future workforce development programs in Rutherford County, Tennessee schools for 12 years. I developed and wrote curriculum and manuals, becoming well versed in all facets of business. I write about education, especially business education.

During my years of career exploration I employed my creativity by doing improv, writing plays, and producing, directing, designing costumes for and acting in community theatre. And I have participated in several writing groups. Yes, I like to write about theatre, art and literature.

As a child, my parents took me all over traveling. I've been in most of the 50 states. I've been all over Europe. Still love travel. And that travel includes tasting lots of good food. I like to write about places I have been to and things I have tasted.

Having parents who could never learn enough, I have followed in their footsteps by having multiple "reads" going at one time. Mystery, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, psychology, social and marketing trend studies, people, fashion and home decorating are a few book and magazine topics sitting next to my bed right now.

Time to share all the stuff that's rolling around in my head. Lucky you.