2015: A Tile Odyssey

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello there! Design Diva here, coming to you live from the City Tile website. I’m blogging to share the tile story for 2015. As the Oscars bring award season to a close, the masters of tile in the interior design universe throw out their psychic-like forecasts for hot home fashion trends for the year.  My life is all about sharing their thoughts and wisdom with all of you -- and the occasional meal from star chef Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen (okay, of the frozen kind while I web-surf). So, as I primp for the lights, cameras and action (I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille) that surrounds my diva-dome, you can read my comments about the best tiles of our lives (at the moment, anyway).

In current design magazines on the newsstand, and on tweets and snaps and pins and blogs scattered out on the internet highway, the doyens of interior design taste and (cough-cough) class cast their votes for the tiles we like, you–know, must have, really. I’m just joking that they are clueless. There are lots of wonderful design ideas out there. Here are a couple of the trends that we are seeing at City Tile, and a couple that might be on the horizon.

50 Shades of Grey. You know I couldn’t resist, especially since grey continues to trend. While the passion for shiny grey tiles (in subway and large formats) continues from previous years, there are now more hues than in a certain drawer full of steel-toned silk ties (wink, wink). But don’t forget the lovely grey matte tiles that are beginning to make for a lip-biting change in shiny tile’s market share. They might even dominate by the end of the year. If you are curious, then look at all of the choices we have at City Tile.  

Fade to Black. Yep, black is back. Those elegant tiles we saw so much of in the 1930s and 1950s are
making a return. While not having made it to Middle Tennessee quite yet, light black tiles are das tiles of choice for some of the new design work being done on the coasts. This tile is employed in opulent large-scale bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs that are pieces of art themselves, made of porcelain or wood. In opposition to the move toward small homes and re-used materials, this trend is all about over-sized glamour.

Full Metal Tile. Speaking of glam, current design websites and magazines suggest a shot of gold if you want to participate in this hot new trend for metallic. Not the silver of years past (although it is also out there), but the firepower of the metal of kings. This tile speaks! Pinterest has a number of photos showing how to use metallic tiles no matter if you want to have a scattering of shine or an explosion.

The Tilemanator. This is the large format tile. Big is in. The hot new tile is twelve by twenty-four. Especially in bathrooms. Take out that old one-piece tub/bath combination and put in a tiled shower that you can melt in like a Cyberdyne Model 101 in an acid bath after a rough day. Todays futuristic showerheads don’t just wash off the dirt, they rise away all the days judgments while blasting at those pesky aches and pains. Fifteen minutes in your new shower and you’ll be back -- to your old self.

City Tile would love to help find your tile identity. Tile choices are unchained, but our staff will help you find a beautiful tile that will make you feel like a master of the tile game. So, if you are looking for a touch of tile for your bath, kitchen or patio, we will make sure you have good tile hunting. You will be lord (or lady) of the tiles in your home.

And for a few tiles more, you can guess how many movie titles (and references) I used to write this blog about tile spotting at City Tile. May you have as much fun with your close encounters of the tile kind, as I have had telling about the color of tile. May the tiles be with you…

Until next time, here’s looking at tile, kid!

Photo credits: Morgue File: MGD (header photo) and pippalon (large format tile). Free Digital Photos. Com: mapochai (black tile)


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