Tile Fashions From Milan to Murfreesboro

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello there fashion mavens of Middle Tennessee! Design Diva back from the runways of the world to share the fashion trends that will be affecting your home interior style this spring. There are some absolutely FABU looks that you just have to take a bite of this year when thinking about home remodeling. They are as je ne sais quoi as Paris street food.  I do so love Paris street food!

You might think that those high strung designers you see on Project Runway and pin-thin models in Vogue have no relationship to what you put in your home, but have you compared the colors and textures in your newest fashion catalogues and interior design magazines? I have. As Miranda Priestly says in The Devil Wears Prada,  “…you think you have made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff.”

So from all of the piles of stuff out there shown in many designer’s shows, I have pulled four tasty trends that hit the runways of New York, Paris and Milan this spring, as well as the living, kitchen, bath and/or bedrooms of the interior design savvy.

Luscious Parings. Like a presentation of  the finest sushi upon a stark white plate, design this spring it is all about color parings. One of this season’s juiciest parings is steel grey and yellow, seen in the ultra modern Soia & Kyo collection. Grey has been a color of choice for the last several years, in tile, paint and carpets. A pop of yellow, bright or muted, adds warmth to the stark, cold formality of grey.

Minimalism. Balenciaga’s spare dresses this spring reflect the esthetics of a Japanese garden. Clean lines and the faded colors of nature: white alyssum, dessert taupe, apricot illusion, stone washed and vineyard green. Give texture to these colors by using glass tiles and organic rugs made of natural fibers like jute, sea grass or sisal.

Global Chic. From the tribal prints on Mara Hoffman’s swimwear to the boho casual wear of Vera Wang, 2015 spring fashion is nibbling on the passionate spice of exotic fare. Colors like deep mahogany, red dahlia, desert taupe and pale gold make one think of the mysterious markets of Morocco. Bring the mystery and romance of the East into any bathroom with Arabesque tiles, so reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. Just add candles of cinnamon and clove and a soaking tub for two.

Sea & Sky. Blue from the darkest navy to the palest azure, the top statement color of 2015 is blue. Blue and white solids.  Blue and white geometrics. Blue and white  layers. Blue and white textures. Blue and white feed the soul like a long cool drink of water on a hot and humid day. This combination works especially well when mixing furniture styles, another very current interior design trend. A dark blue tile accent wall in a bath paired with very white subway tiles is a prime example of blending classic and modern.

If you want to see what high fashion flavors Nashville has to offer, check out Nashville Fashion Week 2015. April 7-11. It is de rigueur for those who can’t jet set to the fashion capitals of the world. I am so checking it out. After all, we Middle Tennesseans have our own style. I’m going to see about bringing some Nashville design ideas into my home, which will mean strutting my stuff through the doors City Tile to get my new flooring and tile supplies. They are my tile and flooring design project all stars.

A toast to your fashionably redesigned homes, readers, which I know will be as stylish and updated as you are. Until next time interior designistas!

Lee Rennick is a freelance writer, former Vice-President of Marketing and past Executive Director of the Business Education Foundation of Rutherford County, TN. She shares her interests and knowledge about working, learning and living at http://www.sidelinemusings.com. Loving fashion and remodeling, she is having fun sharing interior design, remodeling, tile, carpet and DIY ideas with City Tile customers.
 Photo from MorgueFile: Face with netting (pedrojperez)

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