Barn Wood Accent Walls Made Easy by City Tile

Friday, April 24, 2015

March is a great month to make plans for a toe touch or a dive into remodeling. If you only want to make one change to update your home, invest in the newest look in accent walls – reclaimed barn wood.

For the last several years, the painted accent wall has been the look of choice. That is painting one wall in a room a slightly darker shade of the chosen wall color. No more! Reclaimed barn wood brings a touch of the outdoors inside, and it is eco-friendly.

The best thing about a barn wood accent wall is that it is a great weekend do it yourself project. And CityTile can make it so easy!

City Tile works with Tennessee Wood Flooring.  This company is located in Sevierville, Tennessee. They get all of their wood from old barns. Not only is reclaimed wood ecologically sound, it is also hypoallergenic! And it creates a healthier indoor environment.

Weather you want to do it yourself or have the wall put up for you, the planks will arrive from Tennessee Wood Flooring to your home in a nice box with all of the wood pre-cut for your wall. This does not mean it will be perfect. This wood is not factory cut; it comes from old barns. It will have imperfections. That is part of what will give your wall character.

To get the process started, you will need to measure your wall from top to bottom, and side to side. Let’s say your wall is nine feet by eight feet, that is seventy-two square feet of wall covering that you will need. The actually order will be put in for about seventy-six square feet (this will cover any mistakes). Once you have your dimensions, call one of City Tile’s designer/sales representatives, like Jeri Delaney. She will take care of everything after receiving your measurements. A seventy-two square foot wall will run about $700 to $750 including shipping.

Before your wood package arrives, you can prepare for it (if you are the DIY kind) by removing all trim, outlet covers, and switch plates. Wash the wall with a mild cleaner. Then paint it flat black. Since the wood is imperfect, there will be gaps, knotholes, and “aged” places where the wall might show through. By painting the wall black, these imperfections will recede into the wall and be less noticeable. Or City Tile can get the pros to take care of it for you.

Once your wall is completed, the boards will be staggered in a horizontal pattern from the ceiling to the floor. It is only then that trim and electrical covers can be replaced.

Your end product will have a greyish-silver cast. Any accent colors should contain a touch of grey. Barn wood walls look great with white trim, and cool colors, such as the newest paint colors for 2015, Antique Moss, Dusty Blue, and Vintage Violet. Metallic wall accessories should be silver or aged copper, not gold.

The best part about a barn-wood wall is that it lasts 150 years or more. Before you receive the wood it has been kiln dried and heat treated to insure a strong, pest free product. Buying your wood wall from City Tile insures you are getting a quality product that has been prepared properly for your use.

Now that you are done with your new accent wall, it’s time to think about that next remodeling project. And City Tile can help!

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