Excerpt From My Play, Dracula: Annotated

Friday, October 17, 2014

Not your typical blog, I know. But we are coming upon Halloween, and they just released a new Dracula movie. I had to put my two cents in.

I finished this play a couple of years ago and have been wanting to do a staged reading. Maybe, one day. Of course, seeing it produced would be even better.

So here is an excerpt from Dracula: Annotated.

DRACULA: Annotated
© Lee Rennick 2006
A play in two acts.


The action of the play begins in early May1888 and ends in early November, traveling between Transylvania and areas in and around London, England. The stage has a multiple level set so the scenes flow into each other seamlessly.

                                                                        ACT I

                                                            Scene 1

(An eerie fog rolls in as a lone wolf howls, followed by another, and then another. Dressed as ancient maenads in wolf skins, ILONA and ELIZABETA hunt a PEASANT GIRL who runs up a staircase, which dominates the center of a multi-level set, into the arms of the just entering DRACULA. His pale white skin, wild barbaric looks, and above-average height are imposing. He is dressed in the Slavic style with a coat of blood-red Oriental silk embroidered with golden dragons and gathered at the waist by a thick black leather belt. His untamed white hair falls below his shoulders, yet his moustache is neatly trimmed. At his entrance the wolf-call ceases.)

                        (Nodding to the GIRL)           
My Lord, I have brought you the innocent you desire.

(DRACULA holds the GIRL in his arms like a lover, looking deep into her eyes. She cannot escape his iron grip.)

You have watched her movements to make sure she is pure?

(He runs a hand down the front of the terrified girl’s body.)

(Vying for DRACULA’s attention)
I did as you told me to do. I watched her for months. No man has touched her.

We all watched her.

(DRACULA attacks the GIRL viciously, plunging his fangs (which the audience doesn’t see) into her throat and drinking deeply. He stops suddenly, his mouth covered in blood.)
(Frightened he is not happy with the GIRL)
Is it not good?

(He discards the GIRL at the top of the stairs in a heap. He moves towards ELIZABETA. Pulling her to him, he kisses her passionately. She licks some of the blood off of her lips and is sent into ecstasy. She goes to drink from the GIRL.)

I want some!

(He goes to ILONA and kisses her with even more ardor. She joins ELIZABETA.)

                        (Thinking out loud)                                                    
Even innocent blood does not affect me like….What a world I saw when I drank of….
Of what do you speak, my Lord?

I wish new blood! Modern conveyances have opened our mountains to Western travelers; soon they will deposit me in Europe’s heart – London.

                        (Her mouth bloody)
We will go with you? Taste this new blood?

                        (DRACULA ignores the questions, but responds to the far off sound of wolves.)

Your sister, Kathrina, brings a visitor from the Borgo Pass.                                     
(Pointing to the GIRL.)
Remove her.
                        (He wipes the last of the blood from his mouth with his hand.)                     
Then, go make our new guest feel…
                        (He smiles cruelly.)

To be continued…

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