Edge Breaks Through the Clutter

Monday, August 4, 2014

I do improvisational theatre. Any improv acting coach worth their salt will tell you that whatever you decide to do when you step out on stage BE BOLD. It is the strong choices that move the scene forward.

That same bold approach is one of the key elements successful businesses adopt to move forward in the marketplace. Almost every moment of every day we are bombarded with subtle and not so subtle marketing messages, be it an ad on television, product placement in a movie, or a logo on clothing. Only by finding your business’ edge – that place where product, creative concept, target market, research and media merge – will you cut through the clutter and make your business stand out amongst the competition.

Finding that edge is like throwing a clay pot, or so I was inspired to think by an artist friend of mine. He says that each batch of clay is a living force with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is his role to explore these unique qualities. Sometimes he pushes too far and has to rebuild, but the richest pieces come when formed at the edge of those limits. If he doesn’t push, he won’t find that edge. And that’s when the piece comes alive, a phoenix with blazing plumes rising from the kiln’s ashes.

Good marketing is like that blazing plume, it is strong, strategic, memorable and built to bring out your business’ individual strengths, its EDGE. It’s part science and part art. It s not safe, it requires a risk.  It might be serious. It might be cheeky. But whatever the style, an edgy marketing plan boldly puts your business out into the spotlight with a performance that will get your customers out of their seats and into your business.  It might even get some applause.

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