PR Release: Short Mountain On Map with Shannen and Holly

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cannon County, Tenn. -- Short Mountain Distillery has just had another celebrity visit. Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills 90210 / Charmed) and Holly Combs (Charmed / Pretty Little Liars), best friends for many years, visited the distillery as part of their new travel show, Off The Map, which will be shown on Great American Country in early 2015.
The ladies shared with Short Mountain managing partner, Billy Kaufman, that they are taking a ‘summer vacation’ from their Hollywood lives to travel through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. They want to seize the opportunity to enjoy life in the South, an area of the country with which both are unfamiliar, with the people who live there.
According to the GAC sources, Off the Map is an opportunity for Shannen, Holly, and the viewers, to expand what it means to call America ‘home’. Fans can vote on where they want the ladies to visit in each state on the GAC website. Drinking and making moonshine got the vote for what to do while touring Tennessee. Perfect choice, since Tennessee is where its manufacture began.
 “Both actresses were extremely personable and approachable,” said Kaufman.They drank shine, made shine and generally had a great time.” 
Moonshine, that backwoods staple that Granny Clampett kept safely hidden in her medicine closet, is now out of the closet and becoming the hippest new addition to the Farm-to-Table movement. And Tennessee’s Short Mountain Distillery, housed in the hollers of Cannon County, is fast becoming Hollywood’s favorite place to enjoy downhome fun and sip the once taboo liquor with the locals.

Just a few months ago, Short Mountain Distillery was revealed as a shooting location for Sage + Saints new music video “Take Me to the South,” co-directed by Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame. It was there that the now famous Kristen Stewart goat- holding photo was taken. Something about the laid-back atmosphere makes stressed out stars relax and smile. Shannen and Holly were no exceptions.

“Shannen and Holly stayed longer than expected. We were all having a great time telling tall tales, eating, drinking, and listening to the old time music,” Kaufman added
 For more information about Short Mountain Distillery, moonshine and how to enjoy this slightly wicked brew, go to

 Off the Map will be seen on GAC in early 2015 according to information provided by the channel. To follow the show as it happens, check out #ShannenandHolly on Twitter or vote on where Shannen and Holly visit next by going to

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